First let me tell you I wrote nothing before and this is for a dumb english assignment. I had no idea what I was doing but I figured I would get tips from the masters. Honestly, it is horrible.

It’s what wears us down the most
From the inside out
When you’re alone in the corner
Too much time to think

Channeling your thoughts
Switching between memories
Of none that are good
Too much time to think

We’re all guilty of it
One time or another
Sitting on the sideline
Confined from society
Too much time to think

You’re in the backseat
Far from your destination
Thinking about all that’s wrong
And all that was
Life not the same anymore
So you’ll just have to adapt
Too much time to think

It is a crime
And we all have the blood on are hands
If we can’t handle what are mind is thinking
We’re guilty of it to
There is just too much time to think.
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I thought the overall message was nice, hate to be nitpicky but it sliiiightly annoyed me that you said "to much time to think" instead of "too much time to think". Sorry for being so fussy, but it had to be said!

Anyway, good work, some really good potential here I think!

And hey, if you have the time, please check out my latest song "epiphany". I'm hoping to get some useful critique...