sup guyz a 40 sec for unknown artist and i need his name plz - mp3 inside


I second that notion.

Well said
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Get him into blues. Lyrical depth-not so much. But it is groovy and it is black people's music so if he doesn't enjoy then he is not a true black person.

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1. speak english
2. no.

What language is he speaking then?

It feels like I've heard that instrumental before but it's kinda generic so it's hard to tell.
i thought am talkin another language DAAA
and plz if u know its name say it if u dont
i dont give a ..... if u know english better than me

i have the rest of the song
its abt 5 minutes
just soloing acoustic and this is the end of it
so any ideas
I have no idea what you are saying

I would help...but I can't.
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am asking if u know the one who played this
sound clip
Sounds like Rocket Scientists or Spock's Beard.
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So what? Pay attention to your english and maybe you would get help.

Edit: Do you even know what a paradox is?
it sounds kinda jazzy
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Shit, this is pure win. You can have my interwebz, I was saving them for a rainy day.

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a sport

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Oh, so it's sorta like real-life gaming, then?
r we playing here
whats the problem with my english i dont understand
paradox : like puzzle like enigma - ambiguity - want more
how silly u r ??? lolcats
Master2sexy thanx for the reply but any idea whos the band
I'm so confused right now.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Probably both, mainly 2 though.
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