I know that there have been other threads on this, but i cannot find one with my specific example. I just picked up a fender stage 100 dsp, its solid state, and there is a buzz even though I have all the volumes turned to 0, and it buzzes regardless of which channel is selected. There is no buzz when there is no cable in the input, but once i plug a cable in, even if the guitar is not plugged in on the other end. I also tried two different very new cables, so I know it is not the cable or guitar. Any idea about what could be causing this buzz (it is really more like a static the more listen to it), Would it a problem with the input jack, or something else that anyone can think of. Thanks for your help
Sounds like a grounding issue. I would sugest opening the amp up and looking for broken connections near the input.

Otherwise i would leave it to a professional.
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I've got the same problem with my Fender 212R

I dunno wtf is going on.
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Sounds like a grounding issue.

If it was a grounding issue, wouldnt the static sound still be there when nothing is plugged into the input?