So today, my quest for a tube amp has come to an end. (Note: All the price are in Canadian dollars)

Remember that I had asked about a $270 craiglist Blues Jr I found? Turns out that ad is actually from a well known professional shop who also do consignments. Due to the busted reverb repair, I ended up paying for $330, that's including tax and everything. It may seems a lot, but in canada, there's no such thing as "parity", and even factoring that, it would sell 479... and that's not including shipping and tax (13%... yikes). Plus, it's a 96 or 99 model, which i heard is better than the new ones.

Speaker is a Fender-eminence made in USA. Perhaps could be better, but my ear can't tell the difference. The only other thing is that its tolex is slightly busted up, but hey, it sounds fine, and thigns are not falling apart. And as I said, 330 is a very good deal, especially since it was repaired by a professional shop before they sold it.

My only real question is to think of what to do with that Traynor TRM30 SS amp... Store ti somewhere else, sell it, or give ti to a friend? well, in any case, now I can say I have a tube amp.

Anyway, thanks for all the help from everyone. Almost forgot to put this down!
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congrats on the new amp!

You sell your old one of course. or give it to your friend. whatever you see fit.
Sell or let a friend use it...no need to store that thing. Like you said, now you got a tube amp.
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I wouldn't sell it or give it away. I think it's always a good idea to have a back-up.

Grats on the new amp though
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Sounds like a good deal to me. With the rising cost of the BJ, it's getting tougher to find 'em under $300 US nowadays. Congrats!
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The only thing that could make me happier is a OLD Traynor YGM-3, but I ain't complaining. Besides, it seems like in canada, used traynor is still expensive.

P.S. YGM-3 used $450 CDN. And that's only if it even exist at all near Vancouver.
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