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When I unplugged my amp cable from the hole that it goes in (I'm horrible with terminology, sorry), this thing came out with it. It was this like squiggly-circle metal thing. It fell off. Now the hole that the amp plugs into in the body of the guitar is like, exposed. It's just like.. a bunch of rings. The thing that fell off rolled away and I spent the last 20 minutes looking for it with no success. I'm afraid to plug my amp back in, because I don't want to damage it further.

Sorry if that was hard to understand.

Does anyone have any clue what the hell I'm talking about? If so, can the metal thing be replaced? Do I have to replace it in order to play my guitar with the amp? Thanks in advance.
Sounds like the nut fell off the input jack, and you are left with a washer and possibly a spacer. Should be a fairly easy part to find in a hardware store. You won't damage the amp by using, but you could push the input jack into the amp, and then have to remove the chassis to get it out.
just the nut that holds the imput Im guessing?

.Go to your local shop and ask them would they have a replacament. or even a diy store.
is it iNput or iMput. just wondering.
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Since it's just a nut, I'll ask my dad if he could fix it for me. Thanks for the help, guys.