So, to start things off, first post, but I'm not exactly new to UG. I used to use my friends account, and I'd constantly come here for tabs. I've been playing for a little over 7 months now. My current gear is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, a Line 6 Spider 3 15 watt, and a Peavey TransTube 158. I'm selling my Spider to my friend for $75, and the Les Paul to another friend for $250 with the case. So that gives me $325 of my own, and my dad said he'd pitch in $150 for the guitar, and buy me an amp, at a max of about $550. So here it is.
I play mostly, metalcore/metal/hard rock, think All That Remains, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Mastadon, Disturbed and Bullet For My Valentine, along with many others. Looking at my money situation, I have picked out a guitar and amp.

Guitar would be, Jackson DXMG Dinky, at $450.

And the amp would be a Randall RG50TC at $560 ($10 difference from my max doesn't make much of a difference).

Now here's why I'm here. Would this be good for what I play? Or should I aim for something else, whether it be a guitar or amp or both. So...Whatcha think?
Yeah. That's a great amp.
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heard good things about the amp, i was considering it myself for a while.

personally though, i'd revise the jackson to maybe an ESP LTD in the 400 range, maybe an M or an MH
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