So im making this guitar in woodshop. It is all done except for the painting. I had it sanded and ready and then painted it with this paint.


I used a brush to apply it but it always left terrible streaks and lines in the paint. How can i fix this or am i doing something wrong?
try sanding it with very fine sandpaper after each coat, that should help, then after you've sanded the last one, buff it so it shines.
You should spray it using an airbrush and do the same with the lacquer
Best bet would be to sand most of the paint down and airbrush it

EDIT: If you'd read the item's description this would have been clear:
ColorTone Liquid Pigments for Lacquer
Brilliant colors for spraying opaque lacquer finishes.
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have you thought about woodstain?
if you do try this, make sure that instead of a brush, use a cloth to pply it, and you'll have no streaks at all.
What type of brush are you using may I ask?

Hopefully you are using a sponge style instead of bristles, because bristles would cause a headache streaks and scratchwise
sorry...didnt know i had tro spray it...i may have to look into that....and plus the sanding between coats didnt help i did that. it still left the marks.

Im gonna sand it down and start over. i was thinkin about sunbursting it instead. how hard is it to sunburst and does anyone know of a good guide or anything?