Found one on CG for $450. Maple fretboard, turquoise paintjob, black pickguard.

Good or bad deal? It's a bit of a drive to test it out so I want to know if it's even worth going.
When in doubt, check out the finished guitars on eBay! Seriously, they sell for approximately $450-650 on eBay, so go there and tell him you will give him $350 for it, then he'll tell you to go away. That's when you offer him $400, he says yes, and oh man, you just got yourself a scorching hot deal. Unless it's really old and beat up. Pics?
Pretty good. They can go from 300-500 depending on the condish.

Is it an original or a Reissue?
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Serial number is F135681. I don't know how old it is from that, but my S's serial starts with an F and it was made in Japan. I really don't know if that would carry on to here.

The seller didn't put up many pics, just a full of the guitar, the headstock, and pup area. No chips that I can see.

I neglected to mention it comes with a case.

Here's the link.

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Buy it now! It's a good deal. It's a '91 RG550 btw.

All right, thanks. I'll call the guy tomorrow probably.