All right. I've never seriously sat down and enjoyed the beautiful clean tones that come from an old school fender amp. I played my teachers tonight, and I didn't want to put my guitar down.

I play a lot of blues, and lightly distorted classic rock. But I also occasionally drive my amp and play Sabbath like metal, some Zeppelin, some stuff like scorpions and def leppard, and occasionally stuff like Three Days Grace.

I was wondering if with a decent OD/distortion pedal like an MXR or something if I could drive a fender blues amp into a range of late 70's-80's metal.
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I use a barber burn unit. Can set one side up for overdrive the other for distortion. Check them out at barbers electronics lots of sound clips.
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Just send it to Randall Smith. I am sure he can take care of the fact that your amp doesn't "Boogie" enough.
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Zvex box of metal can take care of that descently. Theres a video of it, and it sounds damn close to that boogie.
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no ones answeared the ****ing question
thats so ****ing funny 5 responses and no answear
what fender amp is it?

by "old school fender amp" it's most likely a deluxe/twin reverb or something of the sort. and people did give od pedal suggestions... so... yeah.
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I'm not entirely sure that a regular overdrive can push it to do metal.
Try out the Zvex, or basically get whatever you budget allows you to do.
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^The same thing. Imagine that.

TS, if you pull two power tubes from a Twin, run the normal channel, kick in the gain boost, use humbuckers, and put an EQ or Green-esque OD out front of it, you'll get some very nice gain. No mesa though, if that's what you're looking for.
MXR micro amp it drives a tube amp really well..... sounds so friggin nice