I'm in spanish right now (not as I'm typing, but you know what I mean). And this has been killing me. How the **** do you roll your R's? I try but I just make a noise like an 87 ford trying to start up in december...
Some people just can't. I can't, and I can't whistle either. It's genetic.
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haha, that made me laugh "im in spanish right now" haha

yeah man, i took spanish for 2 years, and i could never roll my r's. that pretty much sucked. but my teacher was pretty hot.
you kinda push the tip of ur tounge to the roof of ur mouth and let out air. it should, move ur tounge up and down, just make sure it goes fast enough.
I hope thats a good enough description. I first learned in lke first grade (w start foreign language that young at may school) and it just kinda came
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It just takes practice. It's like when somebody learns english that did not previously speak a romance language, they have a lot of trouble with the new sounds.

So practice.
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you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just a little bit back from your two front teeth and make the R sound. let your tongue vibrate off the roof of your mouth. hope that helps?

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haha turning to the pit in the middle of school is genius

No I'm not in school right now. What I meant is I'm taking spanish currently. If I was at school at 9 something PM I would kill myself.
Anyone can learn it... just takes practice like anything else. That said I still haven't been able to figure out how to do it haha.

Also, English = Germanic language, not Romantic.
Take a Delorean back 10 years and grow up in a spanish-speaking country.
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