I joined a band a few days before we played a talent show. Afterwards, everyone raved, but recently I've seen some more negative reviews. So, I need more honest musician opinions. One thing that aggravates me is that they focus only on the guitar playing; there are other instruments.


putting the guitar aside i think from what i saw on you tube you guys are not to bad

i think its mainly timing that you guys are lacking slightly, just need to get it more tight.
start with the drummer, at the end of the day if the drummers not tight then your doomed from start.

same goes with bassist and guitarists, i think its mainly just timing issue again. the guitar solos were lil bit to much but thats only my opinion.

dont listen to the negitive feed back on you tube there are some narrow minded people out there. keep up the good work n practice hard!!!

cheers brett
Thanks, yeah we just like to stretch out on that song. The whole thing is basically improv, including bass and drums, so that's why it may sound a little too loose for comfort.