I have an OLP MM1 which has two humbuckers and I love the guitar but I would really like some single coil style tones, so I was thinking of putting in a push pull pot to split the coils, and I was wondering if this can be done with the existing pickups, if so, does anyone know where I could get a wiring diagram.

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If your pup has only 2 wires (hot and gnd), then you'll have to take it apart and cut the wire joining the 2 coils and solder wires on to make them longer. Then you'll have a four-conductor pup. Kinda dangerous (you could damage the coil), but if you be extremely careful, it will be fine.
it depends if you have 4 leads from the pup or two, if you have 4 you can do it, otherwise, you can't really, i mean, it is possible, but i wouldn't try it

Why not get some new pups with 4 con wiring? Dimarzio and SD make some good ones