I have a track meet tomorrow afternoon which we're leaving for straight from school. Now, like the average teen, I am a zombie all day, waking up at night.

I've been hearing about this thing called "5 Hour Energy". Its a shot (drink) that supposedly causes no crash.
I need a little boost in the afternoon especially tomorrow 1.) to help me shake the nerves, kinda like an adrenaline rush, and 2.) to give me a little kick .

My question is:
Is this safe to take before my cardio gets really high? Will it like cause me to have a heart attack?
I run the 400m so my heart starts pumping pretty fast and I dont want anything to happen.

Are their any natural foods that give you an energy kick or adrenaline rush? (Usually stuff that has B-12, so im told)

Thanks in advance.
You should eat foods with complex carbs the night before... pretty much anything thats brown like brown rice and spaghetti.

I would never take 5 hour energy shots... if you can't pull yourself together naturally then why not just take steroids or Ritalin and cheat your way through life? (I was making a point there ... you should NOT take steroids or Ritalin)
i dunno about that stuff, but i ran cross country in high school and i always ate a granola bar about an hour before i ran.
that gave it plenty of time to settle before i got sick but it was enough food energy to get me going.
See above post ^
those 5 hour energy shots don't work buy NOS that drink kicks ass
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i ran track and xc in highschool and i can definately tell you do not drink any type of energy drink. those things wont help you run any faster, all they will do is make you feel really sick to your stomach while running. do what the guy a few posts up said and eat stuff with alot of carbs in it like pasta, bread, granola, all those types of things, and drink plenty of water and you should be fine!
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drink water, eat carbs, and make sure you eat breakfast. you should be set

no energy drinks before a sporting event, that is not a good thing...
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i don't want to sound like a health teacher, but if you follow the food pyramid , ul have enough energy
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If you paid attention to the commercials theres a "*" on the line that says theres no crash.
uhhhh, yea
yea those things taste bad and don't work, no energy drinks either...they tend to speed up your heart and doing that on top of exercise that'll speed up your heart is asking for trouble.
Quote by DarkDude110
If you paid attention to the commercials theres a "*" on the line that says theres no crash.

I doubt on a televised commercial it said something to the effect of:

*There's no crash

The only was to go is carbs the night before and a little protein, plus 10 hours of sleep. Actually much better to have that going the week before the meet. And even more so to have that going constantly.
Just have a decent lunch. I like an apple and some other light stuff like a granola bar. Before any race I always feel sick from nerves, but once you get going it doesn't seem to matter.

The lesson I learned is don't mess with whatever you normally do as far as eating on a race that matters.
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Drink Yerba Mate tea
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I ran the 400 and 800 in highschool....toughest events in my opinion

breakfast: raisin-bran, toast, etc.

lunch: eat some sort of pasta, i've actually heard that spaghetti is something you want to avoid, go with fettucine alfredo.

about 2 hrs. before you run: eat peanut butter sandwiches for "long" energy.

drink water every chance you get, in between classes, for lunch, EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.
I wanna say no, definitely not do that. But then again, last year one of my friends ran a 4 something in the mile, when he usually runs like 5:30, right after having a red bull. But no, that's a horrible idea. Just eat carbs and stuff the day before. As much as I love energy drinks, don't drink them before you run.
Quote by Timothym
I doubt on a televised commercial it said something to the effect of:

*There's no crash

Actually, yeah it did, exactly. Except it looked like

Theres no crash*
uhhhh, yea
you really should try it at practice instead of a meet...

Usually, drinks like this just thrust up your heart rate...which isn't too great if you're running, anything above 180/190 will tire you out instead of making you go faster.

What I would do is..
-drink a gallon/liter or two of water (over the course of the day before)
-eat something with a good amount of complex carbs and some protein the night before
-get a good amount of sleep
-wake up early, so your body doesn't need to wake up during the race
-eat small snacks with some carbs/calories/sodium in them and drink water/sports drink

But whatever, everytime I used an "energy shot" it ended up slowing my Cross Country times down about a :30-:60

*get your Glycogen levels up, and that will last you that one race and more...just make sure not to overdo it because then it gets bad.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.

In case some of you misunderstood, I am in no way trying to cheat.
I just get extremely nervous before a race, its like I have an anxiety disorder or something, but if my adrenaline is pumping I dont get nervous.

But again, thank you for the replies and help. Im not going to be able to check again before the race so I'll have to take it from here.
Yeah I definitely wouldn't put anything un-natural into my body before a run regardless of the threat of a crash or not. I run at least 15 miles a week and pretty much the only thing I drink is Propel and water. I've noticed that a lot of the energy stuff will make you feel like crap (for me it does anyway). I cant even drink like a Monster before a run because it just doesn't agree with my stomach but I guess everyone is different.
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5 hour works just about as good as any other energy drink. If energy drinks do work well for you then 5 hour is good, its basically the same as any energy drink, except the god awful grape taste and no crash.

I use to drink them before I would work late shifts at my old job.
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Yeah I know how you feel. I usually have to go to classes all day before going to my track meets as well. Get a really good breakfast and a big lunch and drink lots of water. I personally would not drink any energy drinks, but just eat/drink whatever you normally do. Go to bed early!

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what about powerade. its supposed to hydrate you better and faster than water so you dont drink as much