I recently restrung by Strat from a righty to a lefty. I realized my top E and A string kept going out of tune by the nuts and bolts on the top of the neck by the tuners. When i did that the E string keeps slipping of the fretboard whenever I strum. Is there anything i cna do to fix this.

Sorry about my lack of vocabulary but im a beginner.

Im posting this on both because im not sure where i should submit this and need an answer asappp.
I think your problem is that the nut slits are too thin for your thicker strings. You might be able to file it to size, though.
Do you mean that your low E (the fat one) keeps popping out of the nut (the thing the strings go over at the headstock)? If so, it is probably because the slot is too small for the string because it was meant for the high E (the little one). You may want to replace the nut. Depending on the shape of the nut you may be able to get away with popping it out and reversing it. In my profile, the very first blog I posted is how to replace a nut.