I tried one and thought it was realy muddy, but I wonder how it would be after the pickup change. It has really good woods supposedly. Anybody know about these. They are very pretty too.
they kinda came outta no where, i heard guitar center actually bought em...
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Are they any good. They are pretty cheap. I was thinking of maybe buying one, sanding the paint, and doing a custom paintjob.
Yeah their pretty cool guitars

The only thing that was weird was the frets felt kinda funny playing them, I think they are super low profile ones.
They used to be Brawley which was some other chain's house brand, now it's GCs. They are supposed to play nice, but they are made in China so I dunno about long term durability.
Seems good enough.
I actually saw one in MF's catalogue, and it looked nice. And, it was the highest end starter set (The laguna and a 15 watt line 6 spider, which is better than most of the other starter amps they had). It said it had a basswood body, which is better than agathis or plywood any day, and it was reasonable good looking.
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