I have a Digitech RP200, it has 2 pickup type settings,

SC -> HUM and HUM -> SC, ????? whats the difference in sound between the 2?
no big deal man...it will make a single coil pickup sound like a humbucker and a humbucker like a single coil.Remember, its gonna only 'simulate' that sound.
I have an RP350 and im trying to get the damn thing to do what I want but cant seem to get the best results. There are so many settings to consider! Anyone have tips on setting it up for good sound? I want a good clean tone and a solid overdrive setting as well. I figure once I get a good one of each I can make changes to them and store the modified versions separatly that way I know they all have a good platform. Sorry for the thread jack but the OP actually posted a question that I was wondering about myself, so it worked out