Alrighty so im refinishing and redoing everything in my first old guitar.


Thats the guitar i got.

Now i got a question regarding the paint, when you refinish it, do you have to sand it all the way down to wood or just rough up the gloss coat?

Now for the paint scheme (tell me if this will work)

Ok so the main color of the guitar is gonna be duplicolor's Mirage Ice (http://www.duplicolor.com/products/mirage.html)

Then im doing to big red diagonal stripes going up the end of the guitar to the middle

Then on either sides of both stripes im doing a gold stripe.

All gold hardware

Pickups: Only changeing bridge seymour duncan shr-1 hot rail

(ps im painting the pick guard too)

So how do yoou think this will look?

Two questions please.
1. Do i have to sand it down all the way to the wood?
2. Will the ICe Mirage paint look good?
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1. No, you should only have to scuff sand it, but make sure that when you do, you make it nice and smooth, at about 400 grit sandpaper.

2. Yes, as far as i can tell, it will... how much does it cost for a can? do a couple practice runs, and experiment with some line placement before you do anything drastic on the guitar!

looks like this will be really cool, i look forward to seeing how it goes!

EDIT: remember, when you're painting the pickguard, you'll NEED something that will work (paint for plastics, it forms a chemical bond to the plastic to ensure it sticks, as other standard sprays will peel off.

look up Ippon's strat mods, he did some PG painting, and he'll have some good advice for you.

he did for me

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Ippon's Thread

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