Well in the summer i will be looking for a completely new rig. As stated i have about 1700 to spend (1800 including taxes). I play mostly blues, classic rock, hard rock but will often venture into other styles of music.

As for the amp i want something very versatile. Good cleans yet a good crunch. It doesn't have to go any higher than Metallica's sound. Right now i have my eye on the orange tiny terror but am open to suggestion. As for a cab to accompany this amp i am thinking of buying the epi valve junior cab (limited funds) for now and untill i can get more money for possibly an orange cab.

As for a guitar i am completely open to suggestions but have my eye on a fender 60's or 50's classic stratocaster. Dont want anything to crazy looking, rather more classic.

I would also prefer to spend more on the amp do to its greater influence on tone so please dont suggest any 1200 dollar guitars. Try to stay within 1000$ for the amp and 700$ for the guitar.

Thanks - Guerilla Radio
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The orange tt will work awsome i have one and love it and it can get to lamb of god gain go try it out at a store though before you buy it because may not be fore you. Also my can is a epi valve junior and it sounds great through it I would say buy it.
The Strat's an excellent choice. They are so easy to upgrade and customize. They can really do almost anything (if you have the money). I built my Strat off of eBay, that way I could customize the color I got and all of the electronics. Most people seem to be disapointed in the standard Strat pups, so you save money by not buying the originals in the first place and can get some really nice Duncans or Dimarzio's to begin with. It may take longer to get the guitar, but it's considerably cheaper and you'll be much happier in the long run. Plus, it makes for a good project; you know, keep busy.