Hi, so Im pretty new to this site. Anyways, this is a new song I wrote. It wass rushed so it is pretty bad, but it is my own writing so no one could expect it to be any good.
I'd love to here all of your opinions on it and I'd love to hear about what I can work on. Just a little more information on the song. The influence is fairly obvious. I wrote it about this girl I really like and I kind of used it to show exactly how I feel. The first verse describes how it feels whenever Im around her. The chorus describes how I felt when I first met her. The second verse is just me continuing sort of, on the topic of how I feel about her when Im around. Little side note, I did use imagery in that verse. I dont use it often, so Im sorry it is crap. Anyways, thanks everyone for taking the time out to read this.

Verse 1

Waking up in an unfamiliar place
I never could have dreamed
Of how amazing it is to see you
When all Ive seen is black
How amazing it is
To have someone pull you out of the dark.
How long will you hold me up?
How long until you let go?
It just fades back
As we trip and fall all over again


It hasn’t started
Yet my heart’s stopped beating.
These wounds wont heal
My heart’s still bleeding
I found a place
With a new meaning
And a new life
With a new feeling.

Verse 2

What happened to the fairytales
The lies we’ve been told
About these happy endings
When everyone gives a fake smile ¸
And just keeps on pretending
The people who said they’d be there for you
Are all long gone
But I’m awake thinking of you
Just waiting for the sun

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Lets march into the war
On these fields of regret
Where lovers have fought and died before
As we try to forget
Of all the times that you cried
In all your sorrows and goodbyes
"This is a .44 caliber love letter straight from my heart."