I'm trying to record my guitar track and i have my guitar plugged directly into my sound card but it will record nothing but static. I use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and have it set to record through the Mic port on my Soundcard. which my computer recognizes as an SB PCI.

I do not have the original drivers for my soundcard and had to download them off the Creative Labs website and was wondering if i may have gotten the wrong drivers and this is why i can't record?

If you have any other suggestions on things i should check out that may be wrong please do tell.
so you're using a 1/4 TRS to 1/8 TRS?

i've done this before. it should work.

possibly check with your windows mixer and go to options and recording. if you have a line in (it should...even windows 95 computers have this), this would be better. just select it and make sure the volume is at a decent level.

the mic input isn't supposed to take things that are at line in volume.

if you've got a loud signal going to the mic in, this could mean a damaged/fried sound card