Check my profile, it's entitled blues improvisation

Thank you
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I liked it. Though it sounded more like a rock solo with a lot of blues influence to me but good none the less.
Thank you! Yea, I agree...The backing track was a Johnny winter blues backing track so I just called it blues solo lol..
Yeah..wouldn't call it a blues.

Got some great licks in there though, great tone, good technique. Overall I loved it, sweet licks, great tone.

May I ask what gear you used?
Yes you may! I use a Dean Cadillac, it was running through a marshall 100hdfx into a GNX4 which I had hooked to my computer...It's not that great of gear, but it works for me! Thank you for the comment
Thanks for checking it out man! Feel free to hit up my profile too to check my new song
Awesome song man.

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I love the backing track lol. Great solo man, though. Is that all just one take? you really shred, blues/rock style, which is something shred is missing these days.. do i hear some layering? it sounded like some faint harmonies here and there, but i could be mistaken. Great improvising, love your phrasing. Kind of a funny ending lol but at least it wasn't some cliche blues ending you'd always hear.

soo c4c huh? it would be much appreciated, kind sir.

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Yea it was one take, whole thing through. no layering, it's all just my dean cadillac through my gnx4. I'm clicking your link now