I am a complete noob when it comes to microphones and I was wondering a cheap way to hook up a mic to an amp. I dont really need it for serious purposes, just for when a bunch of us get together and jam with each other. I was wondering if I could get a regular xlr wired mic similar to this:
and hook it up straight to a guitar amp with a xlr to 1/4" adapter if required. Alternatively, if that doesnt work, if I got a small unpowered mixer like this:
and plugged the mic into that and sent the output to an amp if that would work with that specific mixer or would I need to buy something like this:
Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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I have an SM57 with an XLR cable plugged into an adapter that has a 1/4" jack that i plug into the amp. Buy that mic you want, get the adapter to plug it into the front of a speaker or PA system and jam away man.