I've got a Randall RH150G3 half stack for sale. The head unit is a 150 watt tube/solid state hybrid amp. It can be used in 100 or 150 watt output mode. It has an effects loop, mono and stereo outputs, as well as a footswitch connection. The footswitch is included in this deal. The tube used in the preamp stage is a Groove Tubes 12AT7. The cabinet is a Randall R412CXM that is loaded with 4 12" Celestion Custom 80s for a total power handling capacity of 320 watts. It's a badass package, and you're not going to find a deal like this anywhere else, especially not in Savannah. I'll toss in some Monster guitar speaker cable with it as well. If you'd like to test it out (serious inquiries only please) contact me at (912) 675-5540, or you can message me through craigslist. Thanks for your interest!

i would take your phone number down bro...not trying to be rude, you should only give it out in pm's if someone is interested in it.