i have picked out the pickups i wanted to replace on my epi les paul. now i know most of you will tell me to upgrade to a gibson or something but this guitar you cant seperate me from, its just made for me. plus i like how epiphones have a more mid-bass sound to them.
anyway, because epiphone usually sticks in shotty electronics in their guitars, i was thinking of replacing the whole set of guts in it. pickups, pots, caps, toggle switches.
i was wondering if i could have suggestions for types of pots and caps for my les paul. also i am having a hard time deciding between a sh-4 and a sh-5 for a bridge pickup.
thanks alot for your help
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I'm actually picking up my Epi Lp with new pick-ups tommorow. I put an sh-2 in the neck and an sh-5 in the bridge, it really comes down to how much more metal you play, if you play more so in the metal genre or heavy rock the sh-5 is the one to go for.

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The guts in epis is pretty shoddy and many times doesnt last long anyways. So no wont hurt to replace it. 500k cts pots are good. And I like the orange drop caps bit more expensive tho. And the pickup switch doent like to last long. Give you a chance to fix the output jack that always seems to come loose on epis.