I've been looking for a lh maestro for ages but have not had much luck. The closest I have come is on allparts.com but they don't have a lh version of it (heres the part ).

So if anyone has one for sale (silver colouring for preference) or knows of a place that stocks them or could source one for me that would be awesome. Any leads welcome!

Cheers in advance
Call Gibson, is my vote. Or, if you can find a gibson dealer, you might be able to get them to order one. Good luck!
Dont know if they ever made any lefthanded. Dont see alot of righties so doubt there is enough demand to make lefties.
As far as I know, Gibson don't sell them separately which is a bit of a bugger but there you go. I have talked to my local Gibson dealers and they said that they can not source one either.

I know that they make left handed ones as I have found left handed guitars that have a maestro on them (Elliot Easton SG ). I just can't find it as a separate part and I don't really want to buy a new guitar just for a new part.

I really didn't think it would be this hard...
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I've never seen one anywhere. Although unless you want it for looks I wouldn't bother, it's one of the most unstable and ineffective trems ever made. You'd be better off getting a Bigsby.
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You could try saying that you had an Easton SG with a bent bar? No idea, mate.

They'll most likely ask for a serial number at the least because Gibson guitars are under warranty so you'd get the part for free so that really isn't an option. At the most they'll ask you to send the guitar.

You MIGHT be able to get one if you somehow 'discover' an Easton SG serial number and 'borrow' the serial. Then you can call Gibson and if they ask you to send it say something along the lines of 'I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY BABY' or something.

Of course, I don't condone stealing Gibson serial numbers or anything like that.



On a serious note, fraud is a bad idea. Especially if you get caught.

Just check lots of online part stores, you'll probably find one eventually.

I can't guarantee that it'll be cheap though.
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Thanks for the idea's but yeah, if I got caught I'd be in the sh!t.

So could someone let me know about some good guitar part websites?

If I had US$4,600.00 I wouldn't have bothered posting this thread...