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A Charge In the Right Direction
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Rest now.

The birds don’t like nesting here, too much silence. Nothing.
Just the waves coming off the trees and a
Dull gray tint reflecting back into itself—
I can feel it coming on now, like a snapshot.

The reeds shiver.
It won’t all go straight. There’s a constant tugging downwards, I
Don’t believe in God, has to be coming from me, a constant plea
To tie it all to my hands and dump it all overboard. Rushing back like
A serpent eating itself, like a phoenix. I can feel it coming.
A twist of my lips.

I stole the boat, enough food to last me half a day,
A rope, a knife, a bottle of valium, and an achor.
I set off at a quarter till, fast as the water would pull us,
North, up the lagoon and into the swamp.
Spring, and the world is turning green,
Sprouts seeping through the old growth like memories,
Short snaps and slaps and basements that you can’t just unearth like that you just can-
I keep my mind on the steadiness of my hand on the tiller, and

She’s probably still standing, chest still heaving in spasms,
The color of the bed spread, the ruffles of the curtains, the
Head board and blood red table. Starts out as a grin,
An eager acceptance of death, and then builds like a closet-monster,
A chuckle. A laugh. And then an all out giggle.
His kimono looked beautiful. Nothing to do but laugh
And advance, and accelerate. 30 knots now probably.
Hairs getting damp, I wonder how deep it is.
Force of nature’s moving my hand like a lover,
Winding the world tighter so it can’t let go,
And tossing it all overboard,
To breathe in the tranquility of the surf.
Rest now, the splash echoes back.
Rest now.

A Charge In the Right Direction

She breathes monotony
through harped lungs,
and whispers through harpooning lips.
She curses with a harbinger's tongue
and cures with a harlequin kiss.
she's a teratoma taking heart,
littering Sunset Boulevard with lisps
and broken sentences.
She breathes monotony,
like a cornerstore democracy.
A failed attempt at shedding skin
A false sense of accomplishment.
She breathes...
and I wait for it to stop.
I wait for it to stop.
I would never wish it upon anyone.
At least not a girl. At least not again.
The exoskeleton of a former friend,
I would never call her family,
or even very fascinating.

2 points. Good luck to us both. I like both to a large extent but they both could also be much better with a few revisions in my opinion. But oh well. Vota everybodya!
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1st one by far.
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liked them both. went with the first though.

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