EDIT : I did some EQ on the guitars and cut a riff out and added some more leads.....hope its better now...PEAC EOUT

Well I liked the riffs .....so decided to make a song.....i think I liek it....i dont know...maybe its the solo or the extended sluggy riff in the middle.....but o well...i hope u guys like it.....kiondda groovy fast paced rock n roll...say even metal....hahaha...!!!!...PEAC EOUT



Ive never felt so much aggravation
You tear me down, I got no resolution
Break me to pieces, Ill find a way
Ill walk right right up and say What I mean

This hate that you feed, aint what I need
This hurt that you give, I just don't feel

Take me to the place
Show me all its grace
I wanna take you Higher higher
Tear me to the bone
Leave me all alone
I wanna take you higher higher

Your indecision left me all stranded
Your inquisitions had me all wounded

No way out of here
Ive shown you the light in here
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im diggin it more i listen to it

only thing id change would be the vocal lines maybe tidy them up a bit
its definantly catchy and the recording is pretty good

8/10 nice work
this is actually pretty gd, i read ur description and thought it would sound all rong and mixed up but its actaully really gd, the singing is gd and the opening riff is very catchy, the solo is skillful (i wish i cud play like that) u could improve the drums but they sound gd for programmed drums. The chorus is gd but you could probably record the vocals again to tidy up the vocals abit, i really like the tone of your guitar keep up the gd work 55 songs OMG:P

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the guitars are great as always...you need to post here more often haha! i was totally headbanging. the vocals were good, but they did have some timing issues. melodically, they were great. good righting. i liked the tempo change for the prechorus.

what do you use for guitar equipment? your tone is great.

breakdown/ bridge was cool, but it was a bit abrupt...the transition needs to be smoothed out.

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its pretty good but for some odd reason i felt that ur style of singing didn't fit with the music but other than that awesome song and lyrics need slight improvement.
I usually hate metalish music but this very grungey and nice. And it wasn't cliche styled or anything.

Best metal song on this site in a very long time.


Just work on more original lyrics.
Wow very nice, love the vocals more than anything. The whole song sounds like a fast paced alice in chains, and the solo sounds distinctly maidenish!!! great job.
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Thanx alot guys glad u liked it.....I did some minor adjustments...PEAC EOUT

EDIT : I did some EQ on the guitars and cut a riff out and added some more leads.....hope its better now...PEAC EOUT