I was searching on my local Craigslist for a used car the other day and for ****s and grins I searched up Music Man amps, because I was curious if Id be able to find a gem like my Dad's HD-150, and I ran across a Music Man Sixty-Five head and two 2x12 cabinets along with it for under a $1000, so Im going to go take a look at it this up-coming Saturday.

My reason for posting here, not to just brag about what I believe is a good find, is to ask a few questions. Im not sure of the year of the amp, but it looks very similar to blackface Fender amp's, black metal logo, silver grille cloth.

Are all Music Man amplifiers hybrid? If not, is there a way to tell that one is/isn't hybrid by counting the tubes?

I'm also guessing that, since Leo Fender did have a hand in them, that they are close to Fender amps and that I can "bridge the inputs", due to them having two channels and two inputs for each channel. How do I do this correctly?

Hopefully someone knows something about them and answers. Thanks.
Well, I looked up on it (a few on our city craiglist too), and since it's power tube hybrid at most, if you play distortion, it is said to be just as good as a all tube amp.