I have been working on an English Project for the past 2 hours I need to find at least 2 examples of Dystopian Artwork to finish it off. I've been searching Google for like 15 minutes but I can't really find any good examples, just 1 picture that confuses me. So if any of you guys know of any good Dystopian Artwork could you please direct me to it.

Thanks to anyone who replies
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i remember in high school in one of my english classes we covered world war one art, and there were alot of paintings and stuff that might constitute dystopian art. ill try to look some stuff up, but id suggest looking at world war one, and possibly world war two inspired art.
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i didnt really fimnd anything but i thought this was cool
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not sure what its called and i duno if it is actually dystopian art, but theres a painting on the cover of Brave New World which is dystopian themed

Excellent, I found one of the many covers for the book

1 more picture left

otto dix is someone id look at. he's someone i remember someone doing a report on



this is the main list


I'm not sure if those count as Dystopian, but I will out them as maybes for the time being
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