So my band is covering R.E.M's Losing my Religion. Like most bands we dont have a mandolin player amongst us, nor a mandolin for that matter. So i got to thinkin, do you think i could replicate a mandolin type sound with my delay pedal (DD-3) by setting it on a short delay and playing high?
yeah you could do that, or just buy a mandolin, they aren't that hard to play.
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To get close to a mandolin sound do this:
1. Use a 12-string
2. Put a capo fairly high up on the fretboard, at the lwest at the 5th fret.
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^ If you havnt got a 12 string, it'd be easier in the end to just buy a cheap mandolin, they dont go for that much if your not looking for top of the range.

Without a mandolin you wont sound like a mandolin though, do you have to sound just like it? You could always just play the notes on a normal guitar with overdrive and make it your own.
Since most of the mandolin parts in that song are just single notes, you could probably just use an accoustic guitar for it, playing on the high e string and adding a little bit of delay to simulate the paired strings.
they are single notes, but dbl strings, the idea of using a slight delay. maybe try a chorus pedal?

I own and play both mandolin and 12-string, either will do the job. There are some cheap mandolins available, tune them like a violin and go at it. Scales are easy to figure out, some of the chords are difficult to cram all your fingers in.
if you do this fingering, it sounds like a mandolin:


its pretty useless but it sounds cool
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I vote spend $50 on a cheap mandolin, maybe you'll actually end up using it on some other songs.... you'd be surprised how much 90s rock (like most of REM) sneaks in a bunch of mandolins, accordians, and other "folk" instruments in, why not try it yourself?