Hi all,

I am looking for a versatile tube amp that can cover blues to heavy metal. Preferably 50W or less. I live in an apartment and 100W watt heads would be too loud. Even 50W is quite loud actually.

I am looking at combos or head + 2x12.

I saw a Marshall DSL401 combo for quite cheap. Is it a good amp for this purpose?
What do you guys recommend?
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Well, 50W and 100W arnt a huge difference in volume actually. The DSL401 is pretty good, but i hear the speaker is crap. Look into a peavey valveking maybe?
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you want the Peavey JSX combo.
apart from the loudness issue.... its perfectamundo
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Im looking for a Marshall kind of crunch. Can those american based amps give the marshall crunch?
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Perhaps a Marshall JCM900 combo could work? I believe they come in 50W forms. It's a little less "Marshall" than a JCM800 but a little more than a DSL. A lot of people actually love them for blues as well and have heard of a few people buying them for that purpose only. They have quite a bit of gain on tap but you'll still probably need an OD to boost it into modern metal tones. You should be able to get Iron Maiden and earlier Metallica by itself.

Possibly look into a Mesa Stilleto as well, they're more Marshally voiced but they only come in head form if I remember right.
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I would recommend a Mesa Mark IV or a RoadKing but I dont have your pricerange.
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You really have to crank the 800/900 Marshalls to get to heavier tones, in which case you might invest in an attenuator. DSL is quite good though and can get heavy at low volumes, depending on what guitar/pickups you have.
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Well I bought a DSL401 because I wanted a versatile, flexable amp that still sounded great. I am very happy with it
Peavey Classic 30 anyone? 30watts, which can be manageable because it has a drive channel, but it can get feckin' loud if you need
Carvin V3 maybe?
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Get a new JVM combo. I got the 50 watt 2x12 and it is downright amazing, right outta the box.

Best clean on a Marshall that I have ever heard.

Overall, sounds quite a bit fuller than my buddies jcm2000 tsl 60 watt 2x12.

It's based on the same power circuit as a 1959 Superleads and jcm800 2203s ala Zakk Wylde.
I had a DSL401 and wasn't terribly impressed with it after I had an opportunity to some other things. The Traynor YCV50BLUE did a lot more for me and nailed the old Marshall overdrive sound just about perfectly.
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