one thing i found kinda confusing, maybe it's just me, but when that second guitar part came in at 1:41 till about 2:23 i got kinda disoriented, my brain was being pulled in two directions ahah maybe you were aiming for that? Over all it is a pretty chill spacey song, i love that almost wah-ish effect of the phaser, kudos on that.
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Cool song dude! I like it! Very relaxing and spacey.. you should try to use no distortion I think to get the sound better it'd suit this kind of music better..

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I really liked this a lot. Loved the moment when the solo came in. Loved the effects. Loved the mood. I really can't say anything bad about this. I'm a sucker for strings, so I can definitely hear some room for some ambient strings, just to add to the atmosphere. Braincheese might be on to something, maybe try having one guitar with no distortion just to add some variety in the textures? Again, these are just ideas, the song is great the way it is.

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