hello pit. im in need of help with revenge against my fat, lazy twin brother

He's been a total asshole to me lately and i wanna get back at him and teach him a lesson and not to **** with me.

did i mention he was a bass player?

any suggestions welcome
I've heard ex lax works wonders..
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
rig high order explosives to the ignition of his car, or if he doesn't have a car cut up his girlfriend and leave her next to him in his bed while he's sleeping.
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Don't wipe your ass after you crap for a week. Then while he is sleeping sit on his face bare assed.
Unwind all his strings, then keep winding so they are strung counter clockwise!!

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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take the strings off his bass and remove and hide the tuning keys... thatll teach the prick...
clip your toenails in his bed

it's the little revenges that are the sweetest
Shoot Him In The Nose With A Ba-zooka! That'll Learn The Cocky Bastard!
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The real revenge is not to take any.
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do a combo of ex lax and viagra. no one likes diarrhea with a boner
Well...what me and some mates did to one of our friends who stopped going to school completely for a few months, was kinda harsh but pretty funny...

I came up with an idea based on the fact that he had so many alarm clocks/things with alarms, that he should easily be able to wake himself up on time for school...

So when we were all round his house one day, when he went to the toilet, we got all the said alarm devices, and set them all through the night at 15 minute intervals and placed them in places such as under the bed, inside the cupboard compartment of his bed, under his pillow (the first one, so he wouldn't check their after finding the first), behind a sofe-bed, in a box of random stuff on a shelf, and my personal favourite: inside a half-empty cereal box near his bed.

He sent text messages to all of us saying how pissed off he was when the second one went off...so he went round the room and thought he'd found them all...but there were still 3 others after he had foun 6 of them...

Oh, forgot to mention; we set the first alarm for 3:45am
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do a combo of ex lax and viagra. no one likes diarrhea with a boner

lol, lol
You could become the perfect gentleman, eloquently seduce his girlfriend, take her home after a lovely evening at the ritz filled with tender meat and vintage pinot noir, then commence to thrill her with the act of passionate love-making....Then pull out, cum early on her face and never call her again. I'll bet he wouldn't like that too much
Funky c, Funky do
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do a combo of ex lax and viagra. no one likes diarrhea with a boner

That's brilliant. I have to try that on someone sometime.
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