Pedals On Our Pirate Ships

Richmond, VA Folky punk rock. Saw them tonight for the first time. They kicked some major ass and I picked up their CD.

After the show we had a bonfire and everybody took turns playing songs they had written as well a few top 20 hits songs from the likes of kelly clarkson and smashing pumpkins and a few others.

Amazing band, and amazingly cool people.
Cool stuff; I really liked it. But then again, maybe I'm a little biased, because I like most things that come out of Richmond.
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Sounds purty cool
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If you like the recordings, you'd like the live stuff even better. I haven't listened to the myspace, but the CD is basically just one guy with a random extra instrument or backing vocals thrown in every once in a while.

It's now a full band with guitarist/vocalist (the prominent guy on the recordings), a bassist, a violinist, and a drummer (ok.. he has a snare, two cymbals, a cow bell and a wooden frog...).

It's more angry and faster live. It's great stuff. Better than the best Johnny Hobo, IMO.. and I love Johnny Hobo
very kick arse
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Wow. Very, very good. I just bought that CD. Hope it gets here soon, it sounds awesome. I'm sure it'll be worth the DIY packaging haha.
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