Poll: What should I do with my Vintage?
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Learn how to adapt?
4 67%
Use the right amps and pedals?
1 17%
Guitar case princess?
1 17%
Swap it for something else?
0 0%
Voters: 6.
I have a big on my face, because I have this really CRAZY Sick vintage guitar ..

1957 Gretsch acoustic-electric

I initially thought it was a Jazz guitar, coz when I play my fender (with a Marshall 1/2 stack) my pieces sound good, but I tried to show this off a couple of times @ my show, and I didn't like the sound.. it was a little too Blues/jazzy

The question I have is:

Is it worth trying to play this with old amplifier hardware?

If so, what kind of amplified/pedals should I try to use?

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