Hi guys, didnt know where to post this thread but i figured since there're gonna be adjustments on the guitar, this would be the most suitable place. Do excuse me if im wrong.

Anywhoo, i just bought this 12 string acoustic off a friend of mine. She said that its roughly about 20 years old. There was a busted nut actualy, i replaced it with a new one at similar height so its alright. Ive strung it up, but i notice that the action is WAY WAY HIGH.

I thought that since its pretty old, the neck mightve warped or so. The bridge also looks like it came off once upon a time and was glued back. All of these would affect the action, no?

where the neck meets the soundhole


1st fret

7th fret

where neck meets body

side profile


You know they rock.
adjusting your truss rod might get you a little lower action, but if it's straight as it is right now, adjusting your truss rod to get lower action means having a neck out of whack.

I think* that a repair shop could make you a saddle to change your action.
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