Poll: What should I do with my Vintage?
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Learn how to adapt?
1 33%
Use the right amps and pedals?
0 0%
Guitar case princess?
2 67%
Swap it for something else?
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Voters: 3.
I have a big on my face, because I have this really CRAZY Sick vintage guitar ..

1957 Gretsch acoustic-electric

I initially thought it was a Jazz guitar, coz when I play my fender (with a Marshall 1/2 stack) my pieces sound good, but I tried to show this off a couple of times @ my show, and I didn't like the sound.. it was a little too Blues/jazzy

The question I have is:

Is it worth trying to play this with old amplifier hardware?

If so, what kind of amplified/pedals should I try to use?

It's not particularly a jazz guitar, though you could easily play jazz on it. I'd say the main use it would normally get is country, rockabilly etc. but you can use it for anything within reason. The main thing to watch out for is overdrive/distortion. Being a semi-hollow, it won't sound as good as a solid-body guitar with piles of distortion over the top, and will also be prone to feedback at higher volumes and gain levels if you aren't careful.

What kind of Marshall do you use and what are the settings? I imagine you'd be able to get a good classic rock tone out of it, maybe even some way towards hard rock, but if you're expecting to get a really heavy sound from it then I wouldn't...
1. A duo-jet is a solid body.
2. That guitar is damn sexy
3. Still don't know what the hell it is that you are asking
Its actually not a hollow body. its a solid body..

I cant remember what Marshall 1/2 stack I played with at the show was.. I think it was Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Half Stack or cousin of this.. I play this with a Boss GT-6
1. Get a New amp. Especially since that guitar is such a beauty.
2. What kind of music do you want to play?
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I play mostly Rock + alternative .. not much distortion.. I should probably try a tube amp sound to get the most out of it.