I brought a Prestige Ibanez RG and when i turn the Tremolo bar clock-wise it makes a creaking sound. but when i turn it anit-clockwise it doesn't make a sound.
the guitar is only 3 hours old
Is this normal or should i be taking it back
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It's unlikely, but maybe you're trying to turn it too far clockwise? It does only go so far, but as I said it's unlikely that's the problem since you probably know that. If it creaks when it's still loose, take Sakattack's advice.
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ok what sort of oil though.
It creak when you turn it a little bit and continues to do so as you move it around
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take it back
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I think it's older then 3 hours old too.
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It's a push-in bar not a screw in, most likely that would be normal and in a playing situation (loud enough to make you wear ear plugs) it wouldn't even be evident but as said though, try putting some oil on the arms' washer, it wouldn't hurt to try it in small amounts first as well.
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I think it's older then 3 hours old too.

Acually at the time of the writing it was 3 hours

But i put a little bit of oil on it and it stoped so thank you
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