i have a schecter c-1 hellraiser and i don't know whats safe to use on the fretboard/body and neck.
fat and hot water. lots
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there's like this special dunlop stuff. I think lemon juice works to. and damn everyones got a C-1 now
lemon oil for fretboard, that dunlop 65 formula thing for body and lacquered neck and headstock.
Another vote for lemon oil on fretboard. I've used lighter fluid to remove major gunk build-ups as well. Needless to say, no naked flames and lighter fluid does tend to dry unfinished wood so use with caution.
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u can get fretboard wipes, i think they're made by ernie ball, they have lemon oil on them i think.
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i just wipe my guitar with my tshirt but i wouldnt follow my advice because my guitar looks pretty bad
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Get those cloths for spectacles and wipe your guitar.I can't remember what they're called,poly-something?

For the fretboard,maybe some linseed oil?
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damn everyones got a C-1 now

not me
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i just wipe my guitar with my tshirt but i wouldnt follow my advice because my guitar looks pretty bad

Haha, same. I wipe my guitar with the inside of my t-shirt after every play. The neck's getting pretty grimy...