Bears are awesome

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by buying a generator, lighting up the area, and playing thumping Serbian turbo-folk music.

Some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say there is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods:

the muffin!
Honey is like crack to a bear.

It's why Whinnie the pooh always looks and sounds so stoned, and why this bear always comes back for MOAR!
Yeah, now you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?

Help me to live.

I make custom guitar wiring harnesses and I'm pretty damn good at it!
i thaught you're going to post the pedobear guy here ;D lol
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Serjem is like a Bishops testicals: Swollen
IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
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Hey hey booboo, I am a wanting to steal this a pick-i-nick backet.

Gee Yogi, that picknick basket is full of bees. But there's definitely no way a human with half a brain would try a wild bear in court for theft. So I guess there's no harm...

... it's the fuzz! Beat it!
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
Oh noes!!! It's coming!!! BAAAAAAHHHHH! Lolz. How amusing... Bear CONVICTED. That convicted part made me laugh. What's even funnier is that they cant do anything about it because the bear belongs to the protected species.
The bear, meanwhile, remains at large

I can imaging him peddling away on a little childs bike with the police behind in pursuit
thumping Serbian turbo-folk music

who makes up these kinds of genres
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You are so going to hell, but that is hilarious.

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Serbia kicks major ass

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I wrote this story so many days ago
and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on
and with the loss we became strong.

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"Serbian turbo-folk music."

most interesting part of the article. sounds awesome.

it can be downright awful sometimes