Came across this link ......gotta be the wost fake I've spotted in ages.

This chump is claiming this is a genuine Soloist that 'needed' upgrading by removing an OFR and replacing it with a Washburn khaler style trem, removing the SD pickupd and replacing with 'Select' by EMG.

I also pointed out that I could tell by the picture it was not a through neck, but he claims the neck was snapped during customisation and was replaced with a bolt on.
I hate these ebay fakes. Can't believe people would fall for them, even the paint is wrong.
the guy probably got an ashton starter pack and airbrushed the guitar overnight
lol rosewood :P
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This is the real thing.......link

much better
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However it was completly worht the wait the final piece is a spectical of a guitar! and it is one of a kind, there was only 1 Jackson guitar that has been cusomized this way, so the series of Jackson soloist SL1 has a brand new look! and it truely is incredible!

Nice try haha.