Finger style or pick style??

i like pick
cuz i wanna be like jason newsted and cliff burton!!
rob trujillo sucks!! looks like a monkey too!!

give me tips too on playing bass
wanna be like jason and cliff so badly!!

1) Rob Trujillo does not suck, check out some Infectious Grooves, then re-think that statement
2) less of the racism directed toward Mr Trujillo thankyou

now, Personally Im a finger style player, it's just more comfortable for me, tips I have are practice, practice then practice some more, play as many styles as possible and learn some basic theory, keep interested, and just have fun
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Apparently you aren't as big a Cliff fan as you let on to be. To my knowledge, he rarely, IF EVER, used a pick.
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Cliff burton played with his fingers. Jason newsted used a pick however

Hence why in the Some kind of monster DVD Kirk Hammett comments on how playing battery with Robert was like how it was when cliff was in the band.

Learn your stuff before you start dissing a very fine bassist in the form of Robert Trujillo
Professional Mixing available at request.

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metalidik you are officially warned. Read the Forum rules again, and pay especial attention to rule #2.

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