I'm looking at purchasing a Fender 1972 Reissue Telecaster Deluxe in Arctic White from an online shop as none of the stores around me stock it, and so I haven't had a chance to actually play one. I've watched videos on YouTube and had a Google around, but I can't determine how heavy the sound will be.

I currently use two HSS Strats and am looking for an instrument with a deeper tone similar to that of a Les Paul (for playing My Chemical Romance and the rest) but preferably with a Fender logo on it. Is the Tele Deluxe reasonably deep or is it really bright/twangy with the dual humbuckers?
it'll be deeper than a normal tele, but not the same as a les paul
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... Is the Tele Deluxe reasonably deep or is it really bright/twangy with the dual humbuckers?

Twangy isn't the description I'd use for the '72 double Humbuckers. It'll be heavier than your HSS Strat but it won't sound like the Les Paul. Beautiful guitars!

The Les Paul sound is due to the wood. Mahogany guitars sound darker.


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i had one, i got for a hundred + off from mf because it was a blem.

i liked it, but i returned it, bacause the body felt like a plank of wood. no contour and a little heavy. and yeah, not deep like an lp. much brighter.

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I thought the whole point of getting a Telecaster was to get a little "twang?"

If you really want to keep the Fender name on the headstock, the only thing that comes to mind would be a Fender Showmaster.
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Where on earth do you get the white one?! Do want!

Ahem. I'd say the Deluxe is pretty twangy, even with humbuckers. Pretty bright, but can go mellow too. Depends on how much twang you want as to whether it would be suitable, though.
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the neck pickup on sclean settings is extremley nice and has alittle twang too it. perfect for blues. i like it more than my strat for blues. the distortion for the bridge is really nice. it really gets the dirty and gritty overdrive. really nice guitar overall. it doesnt get enough attention