well,i finally got through till the part where dave takes over the solos,i wouldnt say i totally nailed marty's.but im pretty close!
probably the only problem i got,and its really driving me insane...is the last part of marty's last solo, 1:18 till 1:24 of the song,i just dont get it right,all the tabs ive tried never sound like it at all,

does any one know the exact note for note transcription for it?i really need it cuz its one of my favourite parts in the track and i hate not being able to make it sound right...
help me out and i'd be forever in your debt!
Try and get your hands on the issue of Guitar World with Tom Morello on the front cover it has a very accurate tab in there.
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theyd usually have em in bundles. otherwise, try guitar pro. i use it, and the hangar18 i got is pretty sweet. lot easier to learn with GP
[quote="Alijonroth last part of marty's last solo, 1:18 till 1:24 of the song
Are you sure that's right? On my track that's the very beginning of the first solo :P
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oops,my bad! my widows media player was acting a bit wierd lately....the correct bearings are from 3:25 till 3:32,and i already tried guitar pro tabs on UG,all of them dont sound like it!
but im going to search for the mags
but this is going to take some time,cant someone just send me the page with this part?pleeease???