Hey guys
Lately I've been torn between these two bridge pickups to go in my ibanez rg2550z. I was looking for any advice you guys could give me.
I play a wide variety of music, mainly metal/progressive metal (like Symphony X, Dream Theater etc) but also some lighter stuff. Alot of these threads end up with advice for a new amp, but hopefully not this one as I've never been happier with my Peavey XXX Super 40.
As for the D-Sonic, I don't play in low tunings for the most part, so I assume I would be installing it with the pole pieces towards the bridge. As for the Breed, I wonder if it is versitile enough to give a good variety of tones, including a nice clean tone.

Oh and I'm almost certain i will be investing in a Air Norton for the neck (and perhaps a True Velvet for the middle when I can afford it.)
Thanks guys.
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I have heard the breed is one of the most versatile dimarzio pups, not too sure about the D-sonic though.
I'm on the fence with the D-Sonic right now. it's in a mahogany bodied Ibanez Prestige, the pole piece is toward the bridge and it's tuned to Drop C. some days I like the tone, some days I don't. is it really that massive of a pickup? I don't think so. I can honestly say I have a touch of buyers remorse. this isn't anybodies answer to active electronics.

the Breed is awesome. it's versatile as heck. it can get you a nice clean for being in the bridge. and gets rock and metal tones with ease. maybe it spoiled me a little? because the difference between the breed and d-sonic isn't that huge. it's just that the breed does more.

the air norton is awesome. even on the 6505+ it can get great cleans. there should be no hesitation to get that for the neck position. and the leads I get out of it are great too. very vintage rock sounding, with a touch of marshall-ish tone.
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