I have purchased a Peavey Bandit II a few years ago but haven't played it much. I started plugging into it again lately to play, but the clean channel is not very loud. Once switched to distortion, it's VERY loud, I barely turn it up to 1.5 on the gain, it's great! However, the clean sound doesn't seem sufficient to play over drums. I played out once years ago at an auditorium and I remember the clean being pretty loud, however this wasn't my Bandit, it was a friends original series Peavey Bandit, and I was impressed enough to purchase one. I'm unsure if maybe it's a problem with my specific amp, or if other people have noticed this. Could this be corrected with a chorus pedal or something similiar?
EQ: Full Bass, Mids 8, Treble 6
Might want to clean all your pots, jacks and switches with contact cleaner.
Hope this helps.
Also check the connections/clean of your reverb tank.
Everything is really clean, it's barely been used. I don't think this is it, but thanks for the suggestion.
Yes, I double checked and everything looks very clean. Do I perhaps need a chorus pedal (would that even help), or is this a common problem on the Bandit II's?
How many watts is your Bandit? What size speaker does it have? I am more familiar with the older models.
Should be pretty loud on clean. My old 84 Backstage Plus is 35 watts with a 10" speaker and can be heard clean over drums in a jam session, not sure about gigs. Something must be wrong with the amp, or you have a really loud drummer (nothing wrong with that.) May try adding and extra speaker, 112's sometimes get lost in the mix, they are directional, and another speaker may help pointed in the other direction.