So I'm doing a custom tele and i have been having issues with the vendor selling me a neck so i've been browsing thru ebay for a different one since i havent recieved the one i ordered almost a month ago. i did find a different neck for a good deal but its a rosewood neck and the one i ordered was maple. just wanted opinions on what you guys think i should do. i could always order the rosewood one and if the other one ever comes i can use it in a different project.

heres 2 versions of what it could like like in the end depending on what neck i go with. opinions?


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no it IS an actuall fender tele body that i bought off a buddy who never played it and used all the other components for a different guitar he had. he's one of those rich kids whose parents buy him whatever so he has a ton of guitars and hooked me up with this body. i bought all the other pieces already off ebay but the neck has still yet to arrive.
i sayy... rosewood and change the pg lol
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i sayy... rosewood and change the pg lol

change colors or style. cuz i really like both color and style of that pickguard. it really goes well the butterscotch blonde color