Anybody know of some well known songs that are mostly arpeggios? I really enjoy playing Stairway to Heaven, and Landslide, but I really don't know any others that are so heavy on the arpeggios like that.

I haven't tried playing it, but from the sounds of it, it lives up to its' name
The Pit. The Movie.
im thinking kryptonite ,if i could be like that by three doors down or love in vain i like to play .
Simple Man
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Fur elise- beethoven hehe really easy good one to know i dont think ull like
yeah tears in the RAIN by joe satriani is a really good one to learn
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tears in heaven by joe satriani

As the above poster said, the Joe Satriani song is called Tears in the Rain. Tears in Heaven is an Eric Clapton song.

Fuel - Hemorrhage in my hands
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (cover)