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music itself
59 88%
8 12%
Voters: 67.
me and my girlfriend were arguing about this, she thinks that lyrics are more important than the actual music in a song. what is more important to you guys?
I like instrumentals.
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i would usually listen to whatever seems stronger and strikes me first, more often than not it will be the music, other times the lyrics and the voice are really pleasing to my ear. i like instrumentals but prefer lyrics

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Lyrics first- I can enjoy two chord strummed folk songs because the lyrics are so damn good. The music is important too.

Actually, neither. It's the synergy of the two that make a song (Other than intrumententals of course).
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Melody > Lyrics.

I dunno really...I don't tend to think of them as overly separate

I don't particularly like instrumental music...but I don't think of lyrics as the most important part
Nearly always the music for me. There are very few musicians whose lyrics are more important than their music in their songs. Leonard Cohen is all that really comes to mind. Without music (including melody), all you have is pretty bad poetry. Cohen the exception, of course
I'm usually more of a music man, but I think the only instrumental music good enough to not need vocals is 'classical'.
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Depends. With John Lennon.. the lyrics. With Frank Zappa... the music.

I was just thinking the same thing. But then there's also the bands that I love both the lyrics and the music, such as Pink Floyd.
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