It's my 18th birthday in a few weeks and my parents have told me they're going to let me pick a new guitar. They said they were originally looking for a Gibson LP so I guess that gives me a budget of about £1000. My options are: a custom guitar (either put together out of parts by me or made by a luthier) or a high end stock guitar (e.g. Gibson). But as everyone on UG seems to dissaprove of buying a good guitar instead of a good amp, maybe I should ask them whether they'd be willing to buy me a guitar and an amp (both costing something like £500). I'd like to know which option you think I should choose and then any suggestions as to what model.

Here's my current gear:
- Vintage V100 Les Paul copy
- Epiphone Valve Junior 5W

I play stuff ranging from modern alternative rock (e.g. Muse, Radiohead) to classic rock (e.g. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) to metal-ish (RATM).

Advice please
Happy Birthday (almost), great parents, but I'm sure you know that already.

My opinion, go for an overall set of gear that you can be really happy with, amp/guitar.

However, if you have a job and can pretty easily earn 400-500 for an amp on your own I'd have them get you your dream guitar within the budget they're looking. It will mean a lot to you over the years, as well as for your parents as you get older and continue to play.

But if you can't get an amp on your own, get a les paul copy from epiphone, usually around $500 (truly not that much different than the real thing) and get a Vox Valvetronix amp, great value, modeling capability and has a tube preamp so you get tube sound without the price/maintenance issues.

I'd suggest an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Vox AD50VT.

If I was in your position, I'd grab a Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe and a Mesa F-50. No contest.

I think it's definitely worth getting a guitar and amp, spend about £550 on the guitar and get a really good used amp with the change.
I would get a nice all tube Laney and a Epiphone Les Paul.

I think the amp is the most important. A good amp is more inspiring than a Great guitar.
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if they're going to spend that kind of money get yourself a great amp first and foremost.

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=instant awesomeness.
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i will go against everyone, if you are going to want a gibson sometime in the future then i would just get that now while you are getting the money, id say its pointless buying a cheaper guitar just now that you might want to upgrade in a few years just so you can get an amp, you can buy a good amp for £3-400 at some point when you have money, its not like the gibson has a use by date
and isnt the epi valve jr a good amp anyway?
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